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Panty N Stocking Sketch :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 2 0 Slight gore - Udon noodles and mermaid life :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 3 0 Watch Your Words :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 3 0 Cherbun REDO - for my profile :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 4 0 Cherbun - For my profile :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 4 0 Test: Basic (First time using SAI paint tool) :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 1 0 Steam Commission for my boyfriend :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 0 0 Personal Character :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 0 0 Slimesona : Rami (New Icon) :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 2 0 Slimesona: Blush (Panda n Southern Blush Mango) :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 0 0 Mango Panda slimesona (Gore?) testing :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 0 1 Rami - Slimesona finish :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 2 0 Slimesona Sketch: Ramune Drink n Shiba :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 2 0 Animation testing: Hair and walk cycle :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 1 0 Gore - A request c: :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 0 0 Cinnabunn (Bunny girl) :iconkysreecy:KysReecy 1 0


Femboy Adopt OTA [closed] :iconbloodfxcks-basement:bloodfxcks-basement 11 11 Art Trades 'Nope' :icondrawn-mario:Drawn-Mario 69 0 Commisisons 'Closed' :icondrawn-mario:Drawn-Mario 252 4 Requests 'Nope' :icondrawn-mario:Drawn-Mario 257 3 Arrow right :icondrawn-mario:Drawn-Mario 3,674 220 Arrow left :icondrawn-mario:Drawn-Mario 6,753 496 Commissions 'Open' :icondrawn-mario:Drawn-Mario 500 21 Commissions 'Nope' :icondrawn-mario:Drawn-Mario 87 0 Commissions 'Soon' :icondrawn-mario:Drawn-Mario 197 5 (FREE) city ripples :icondidthesqd:DidTheSqd 416 18 #2 :iconoxldizer:OXlDIZER 1,618 11 002 :iconmusicai-spirits:musicaI-spirits 444 10 Dsi - light blue (F2U) :iconpastelcitiies:PastelCitiies 208 11 Gameboy :iconking-lulu-deer:King-Lulu-Deer 363 23 green planet :iconinkuu:inkuu 330 31 trade mistakes :iconinkuu:inkuu 2,068 144



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United States


Personal Character by KysReecy My names Reecy. I'm a self taught artist in Digital design, Illustration (semi cartoon & Anime), clay n "sculpting", and slight animation. You'll most likely find me on here just experimenting with what I can do pretty much. Hope y'all don't mind..
In my spare time I tend to mostly just play games along with friends on steam, or make videos for Youtube,
both speedpaints & political things. Ahah I know those two don't mix but aye, its fun for me.

trade mistakes by inkuu I'm overly opinionated most the time but I hope that wont scare you guys aha. Ya see, I'm
simply a blunt character is all, and I don't enjoy sugarcoating things. I don't want to come off as rude and I'm sorry if I do
to anyone. I'd just like to think people deserve reality.

+Drink me+ by Redkuu The 2 youtube buttons are for 2 different channels of mine. The first button is for my Political trash (videos against Feminists, LGBT, SJW, BLM, and retard Liberals), while the other is for my Speedpaints of the artwork you see here, feel free to check either out, though I warn you, if you are overly sensitive or left-leaning you miiiight not want to see my first channel aha, just gonna put that out there as a warning. This is where the blunt character comes in mostly as I don't care for feelings a lot of the time when its stupid people.

Spill by CrookedAntlers Little more on the personal side, I have the need to inhale some sort of sugared goods, or drink my life-juice, Coke. Bad habit but it does help a lot with daily stresses aha.. Again, in my spare time I tend to hang out with friends or with my lovely boyfriend in games n whatnot. I tend to make a lot of clay figurines for my desk n whatnot, and hopefully for an etsy shop one day, or somehow make any of my skills into financial support in the future, or in hopes of being a designer / sculptor for a gaming company. Oh dreams..

                            Commissions 'Soon' by Drawn-Mario
                            Art Trades 'Nope' by Drawn-Mario
                            Requests 'Nope' by Drawn-Mario
    (FREE) scrolling BG: rainbow veins by DidTheSqd HTML5 Icon (FREE) scrolling BG: rainbow veins by DidTheSqd

F2U Sparkle by piirmy stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios F2U Sparkle by piirmy stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios F2U Sparkle by piirmy F2U Sparkle by piirmy stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios F2U Sparkle by piirmy stars - free to use by ScourgeMangaStudios F2U Sparkle by piirmy


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Panty N Stocking Sketch
Testing the artstyle a bit lmao - gotta say I do love the show and the style. Hope y'all enjoy the little sketch - may make a speedpaint soon
Slight gore - Udon noodles and mermaid life
Just another little doodle I made in SAI, gotta say I aint disappointed with the noodles to the point where I'm kinda impressed with myself lmfao thats a first! Hope y'all enjoy. Speedpaint of this drawing right hereee >>>…
Watch Your Words
Slight "gore", more or less just edgy. I never have tried drawing roses before so.. hope it looks decent, but basically this was drawn out of .. frustration. Ive been having fights with my dad over literally words. He just cringes at "dropout" and now "mediocre", literally he's now got a blacklist of words that I can and cannot use and its driving me up the wall. It's to a point where I feel like I cant say much. Honestly whatever I say annoys him. Everything I say comes out to be apparently passive aggressive, if I exhale Im giving him sass, if I look up at the sky I'm now rolling my eyes, every move, every sound, now every word is just soooo horrible. Maybe a bit personal but whatever, thats the feelings behind this little picture. There'll be a speedpaint of this soon I believe. Thank you if you read through all this. 
Cherbun REDO - for my profile
-@... The hair in my original bugged me so I decided to switch up the color palette to look less pink (I despise pink anyway lmao), and made it more a light purple n blue mix, giving her a slight makeover and slightly better shading job that fits more me despite it being girly. Enjoy!

(My original design was a confused mix of a galaxy theme, originally Cherbun's name was going to be Vega Bunny, Vega being stars n whatnot, which resulted in her weird hair, but I changed her name to Cherbun ("Sherbun" cherry bunny) as it sounded better, as well as I wouldn't have to be buried under a person named "Celestial Vega" being a youtuber and I believe.. streamer.  I wasn't pleased with it so I spend a while figuring out a different nicer way to do it - my original design here:… )
Cherbun - For my profile
Cherbun (pronounce- Sherbun; Cherry bunny)  is a mascot I made for my speedpaint channel, might as well have someone aha. I hope the colors arent too blinding aha. 

(I redid this one cause I despised the hair so much lmao, heres the redo:… )


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